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The Valley of the Sun can be very harsh on your car, hot rod, classic car, sports car, big truck, semi, or whatever you drive. When your car breaks down and you can't spend too much on used parts just come on over. We have a gargantuant selection of goodies for you to pick from. We offer military discounts, senior discounts, non-profit org discounts, and more. Lately we have been helping a lot of people that got denied of their emmissions sticker. The Phoenix department of motor vehicles can be harsh when you do not maintain your car.

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Our services inlude the sale of used auto parts and much more.

This will be the services page for the website. We offer you pull it option or we can pull the parts for you at an extra charge. We are currently experimenting with a we-pull-it-and-deliver-it service. Sometimes if you really need a hard to find part we can find it and get it for you when you leave a deposit. Come on in and iquire at our Phoenix AZ location.
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With the you pull it system you can simply browse hundreds of junked cars, sport utility vehicles, and trucks on on the lot. Some are arranged in rows and sections. They are also organized, usually separated by manufacturer and other similar characteristics in our auto salvage yard. Dont forget to bring your own tools to remove the parts, power train components or any other auto accessories you need to fix or improve your car.


Auto Parts

Alternators for Fords, auto frames, compressors for toyotas

Motors - Mirrors - Seats Truck Accessories - Frames - Computers Suspensions - CV Joints - Radiators -
- Transmissions - Cores - Starters Alternators - Compressors - Vehicle Body Parts - Airbags - Auto Glass -  Ford - Chevy - Toyota - Honda - Nissan - Mazda - Acura - Mitsubishi - Isuzu - Much More
The used auto parts store! We even carry some new and refurbished car parts.